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Andrea Bocelli Andrea bocelli

Andrea Bocelli, is an Italian tenor singer, the minister of pop, operatic pop, classical music and opera. Bocelli was born with glaucoma and went completely blind at the age of 12. Since the break of his career, Bocelli has performed all over the world in solo performances and also with other famous singers. At one point Bocelli began performing as an opera singer.

It has long since become a cultural icon and one of the most successful Italian artists in the world arena. Andrea Bocelli's performance is much more than a concert - it's an amazing experience of sounds and music that will not soon be forgotten. Highly recommended for the cold winter! Tickets for Andrea Bocelli's shows are now available. You can only buy tickets or packages that include tickets for the Andrea Bocelli concert and are tailored to you personally. Ask your TIKAIR sales representative about special packages for Andrea Bocelli's show at your favorite destination.

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Andrea Bocelli Tickets 25.07.19 | Ticker | TIKAIR

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