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Tickets and packages for Alice Cooper performances | Alice Cooper | Alice Cooper Tickets

Alice Cooper, the theatrical figure of the world of glam rock and metal, Alice Cooper comes to bounce you around with a tour.
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Tickets and packages for Alice Cooper performances In all destinations now on a new tour.
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Alice Cooper's horror shows

Like many heavy rock pioneers, Cooper has invested heavily in gimmicks. More than being a singer, he was a theatrical figure.
He was one of the leaders in the cult of the devil Brock:
Many heavy rock bands in those years rioted and used "devilish" and "non-educational" motifs in the lyrics and performances,
Cooper, however, went further than anyone else.

Alice Cooper

Cooper would appear on stage with his long black hair, all of his face covered in heavy makeup, which made him a formidable figure. He wore a black magician's hat on his head,
For his slender body he would wear black leather clothes, and in his hand he would hold a whip. In his performances, which looked more like a horror theater than like a musical performance,
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On stage, an invested setting was presented that included palaces, corpses, skeletons, skulls and more.
While he was singing, monstrous creatures appeared on stage, such as Frankenstein, who, with the help of theatrical means,
He was executed in a variety of different and weird ways, such as a guillotine, an electric chair and more.

Overseas performances

Also, Alice Cooper often uses puppets in his performances, for the purpose of illustrating the themes of his songs.
He sang the song "The Man Behind the Mask" for the popular horror film "Friday the 13th".
The audience loved Cooper's 'theater', and he became not only a successful singer, but also a cultural hero in the eyes of heavy rock lovers.
Cooper did not limit his theatrical performances to the subject of horror, and regularly participated in the American entertainment program "The Muppet Show",
With Tickets and packages for Alice Cooper performances at all destinations Now for sale.
Based on puppets, and even appeared on stage with the stars of the show.
In addition, he appeared in a guest role in the film "Wayne's World",
In the famous scene where Wayne and his friend Gareth bow to him and say, "We are not worthy," and in an episode of "The 70s Show."
Cooper also starred in Tim Burton's Dark Shadows, starring actor Johnny Depp.
When part of the set of jokes throughout the film focused on the fact that the name "Alice" is the typical name for women and not men.


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