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A-ha | A-ha | A. Ha performances

Tickets and packages for a-ha performances A-ha | A-ha tickets

A-Ha performance, the Norwegian and talented pop band from the 80s goes on a tour.
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The composition of a ha performance

The a-ha band was formed in 1982 by vocalist Morten Harket, keyboardist Magna Fiorholman and guitarist Paul Wacker-Savoy.
At first the band operated in Norway, but soon after moved to London with the aim of being exposed to a larger audience.
From the very beginning of the band's career, tickets for concerts have been sold en masse, mainly in Europe.
The name was chosen by the band members with the intention of creating a name that would be absorbed in as many languages as possible,
And which expresses a reading of intention and understanding in all languages. "A-ha" is a catchy, short, clear and original name.

The Great Breakthrough (1984 - 1985)

In 1984, a-ha members recorded their first song, then called "Lesson one" (first lesson). The song completely failed and sold only 300 singles.
This fact did not hurt the determination of the band members, who continued to record and edit additional versions of the song, which eventually got the name "Take on Me".
The song soon became a huge hit, topping the charts in Europe and the United States and selling over a million and a half copies in the first month of its release.
One of the reasons for the huge success of the song "Take on Me" was the fact that the song was accompanied by a particularly creative video clip,
Where a combination of animation and reality is made. At the 1986 MTV Awards, the song won six different categories.
What earned the band a crazy sale, tickets to the AH show sold out in droves.

Albums Tickets for performances abroad

The band's next single was 'The Sun Always Shines on TV'.
This song, which also became a hit in the choral parades, was accompanied by a spectacular clip that won several awards.
The band filled halls, tickets for a-ha band performances in a once-in-a-lifetime performance were sold to fans.
That year a-ha was among the nominees for the Grammy Award for the big break that year.

Success in Europe

While in the United States the band's success waned after the release of the two successful singles with them broke into consciousness,
After all, in Europe this was only the beginning of the young band's journey from Norway.
The band's debut album, "Hunting High and Low", released in 1985 contained both the two most successful hits and the theme song, and became a worldwide bestseller.
In the United States, the album sold over a million copies and became a platinum album. By 2005, the album had sold 8 million copies.
Hurry up to take your place, a-ha performance is on its way, ticket sales for a-ha band performances have begun.

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