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The National Performances The National Band The National 2022 | De National Performances 2022

The National The National | De National Performances

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About the band

The National (in English: The National), Is an American indie rock band which was founded in Cincinnati Ohio, United States in 1999,
And currently operates out of Brooklyn, New York. The band's songs, which were described as "dark, melancholy and difficult to interpret",
Sung by the band's lead singer with the baritone voice, Matt Berninger.
The band swept fans away, Tickets for performances by The National Band Performances were sold en masse.
The rest of the band consists of two pairs of brothers: the twins Aaron (guitar and keyboards) and Bryce (guitar) Desner, and the brothers Scott (bass guitar) and Brian (drums) Devendorf.
The band has recorded seven albums. Their album Trouble Will Find Me was nominated for a Grammy in the "Best Alternative Album" category in 2014.

Albums Tickets for performances in Europe

The band's roots lie in an earlier band. In 1991 Matt Berniger and Scott Devendorf met at the University of Cincinnati,
with the years Tickets for performances by The National Band Performances filled halls.
There they founded with other members the band Nancy, whose style was garage rock. The band operated for about five years, but released only one album at Wife Records.
Brian Bryce and Aaron are childhood friends who have played over the years in various bands, and in 1998 joined Matt and Scott.
The band was founded in 1999. The band's name "The National" was chosen due to the band members' activities on various social issues.

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