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July, 2022

202222Jul19:00Harry Styles CologneCome see one of the most successful singers in an amazing once in a lifetime show. Book tickets for a Harry Styles show and secure your spot19:00
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Harry StylesHarry Edward Stiles is an English singer, actor and songwriter, best known as a former member of the boys' band Van Direction. And today a solo singer. For the first time, Stiles was a member of the White Eskimo band, which focused on Holmes Chapel, a town in Cheshire.[email protected]


(Friday) 19:00
* Event dates and times may vary, it is your responsibility to keep track of updates as the event is produced
(GMT + 03: 00) Show in my time



Willy-Brandt-Platz 3, 50679 Cologne, Germany

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LANXESS arenaWilly-Brandt-Platz 3, 50679 Cologne, GermanyArena in Cologne, Germany

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Tickets for a Harry Styles show Cologne | Harry Styles | Harry Styles Tickets

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Harry Edward Styles (in English: Harry Edward Styles; Born February 1, 1994) is an English singer, actor and songwriter.
He is known as a member of the boys' band One Direction. And today a solo singer. For the first time, Stiles was a member of the White Eskimo band.
Whose focus was on Holmes Chapel, a town in Cheshire. In 2010, Styles will be tested in the seventh season of Reality Poetry,
The British "X Factor" and after being eliminated as a solo performer, returned to the competition, along with four other contestants, to connect them to the group, which later became the "One Direction" band.
Jones, who was the band's leader at the beginning of his career, left the band about a month before his death in 1969 and was replaced by Mick Taylor,
Who was a member of the band until 1974. A year later guitarist Ronny Wood joined the band.
During the 70's and early '80s, the band continued their commercial success with the albums "Some Girls" from 1978 and "Tattoo You" from 1981.
During the 1980s, a chain of professional disputes between Jagger and Richards over the band's musical character,
Threatened to lead to dissolution, but the two managed to straighten things out and return to the track of success with their album "Steel Wheels" from 1989, accompanied by a long tour.

Albums and performances in Europe

The members of the Van Direction band went on a temporary break in December 2015, to promote independent projects. On June 23, 2016,
Billboard magazine reported that Stiles had signed a recording contract with Columbia Records, the same company that works with the band.
In addition, Model Stiles for "Anotherman" magazine, which was published on September 29, 2016. Stiles appeared on three covers for the magazine, which were published later.
On April 7, 2017, Stiles released his first solo song, “Sign Of The Times,” which reached number one in 81 countries on iTunes,
Won positive reviews from critics and fans and even comparisons to singer David Bowie with much success.
With the song "Sign of the times" Stiles broke a sales record and overtook singer Adele with the shortest time to reach number one on the American iTunes in just 13 minutes.
On May 12, 2017, Stiles released his first solo album, "Harry Styles", which was highly acclaimed for its different style from the One Direction style of music.

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