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May, 2022

202231May19:30RedesignedEric Clapton StuttgartCome see one of the most successful singers in an amazing once in a lifetime show. Book tickets for a Eric Clapton show and secure your spotOriginally set from 202019:30
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Eric claptonEric Patrick Clapton is a British guitarist, singer, composer, poet and songwriter. Also known as Slowhand and considered one of the most respected guitarists in the musical streams of blues and rock. Clapton has been inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame three times, as a member of the Crimea Band, as a member of the Court Birds Band and as a solo artist, the record of any artist's performances at the Hall of Fame.[email protected]


(Tuesday) 19:30
* Event dates and times may vary, it is your responsibility to keep track of updates as the event is produced
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Mercedesstraße 69, 70372 Stuttgart, Germany

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SchleyerhalleMercedesstraße 69, 70372 Stuttgart, GermanyBallroom in Stuttgart, Germany

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Musical career

For his 13th birthday, he received a guitar as a gift and learned to play it alone. At the age of 17 he first joined a rock band called The Roosters.
In his youth he listened to blues music and artists such as Robert Johnson and rock artists such as Elvis Presley.
Singer Eric Clapton, first became famous when he joined The Yardbirds in 1963. The band, which initially played blues,
She later leaned in a more commercial direction and after recording the hit "For Your Love (Ann)Tickets for the band's performances failed.
In his recording, Clapton refused to take part because of the band's new direction, he left it in 1965 (guitarist Jeff Beck was recruited in his place) and joined the band
The Bluesbreakers(Ann) Led by John Eyal: "They did not want me to know that I had left them.

The composition of the band

Tickets for Eric Clapton's shows in Prague and at all destinations are sold en masse.
These days, when someone left a band it was considered 'dirty'… After a year and a half I started thinking of music as a serious thing.
I just realized that I was going to do it all my life and that I had better do it right… I decided I was not playing well at all and drove to the village for a few weeks.
So John Mayel offered to join me… I was about to choose something else, like painting. "
Clapton stood out in the Bluesbreakers and began buying his fame as a top-notch guitarist. In those days graffiti was published in London claiming: "Clapton is God".

Albums Tickets for performances abroad

In 1966, Clapton left the Bluesbreakers (replaced by guitarist Peter Green) and formed with his Bluesbreakers friend,
Jack Bruce (vocals, bass guitar and harmonica) and with Ginger Baker (drums) the band Cream which was considered the first super band Brock.
The whipped cream band combined the blues and rock styles and was a success in the UK. In Whipped Cream, Clapton also began performing songs as a singer, although the lead singer's role was reserved for Jack Bruce.
At that time, in late 1966, through the star of Jimmy Hendrix who became famous for his performances in London.
Tickets for Eric Clapton's shows in Vienna and all the destinations were soon snatched, already during this period.
Hendrix was groundbreaking both in his performance on stage, in his melodies and arrangements and especially in his technical control of playing the guitar.
His performances were attended by the best famous rock artists in the UK, including Eric Clapton who was greatly influenced by him.

Tickets for Eric Clapton Stuttgart's Performance Eric Clapton Performances ⌋


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