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October, 2022

202222Oct.21:00RedesignedDavid Guetta AmsterdamCome see one of the most successful producers in an amazing once in a lifetime show. Book tickets for a David Guetta show and reserve your spotOriginally set for 16.10.202121:00
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David GuettaPierre David Geta, better known as David Geta, is a DJ, music producer and songwriter of French descent of Jewish descent. Geta founded "Gum Productions" with Lisa Dodgson, and released his first album, "Just a Little More Love", in 2002. In 2004 he released "Guetta Blaster", and the album "Pop Life" he released in 2007, an album that includes two songs with Tara McDonald.[email protected]


(Saturday) 21:00
* Event dates and times may vary, it is your responsibility to keep track of updates as the event is produced
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Johan Cruijff ArenA

Johan Cruijff Boulevard 1, 1100 DL Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Johan Cruijff ArenAJohan Cruijff Boulevard 1, 1100 DL Amsterdam, The NetherlandsThe Johan Cruyff Arena, also known by its original name, Amsterdam Arena, is a stadium in Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands. Initially planned, the stadium was to be the highlight of Amsterdam's proposal to host the 1992 Summer Olympics. Barcelona was chosen to host the Olympics, rather than Amsterdam, and plans for the stadium were changed to build a general center for sports and events.

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כרטיסים להופעה של דיוויד גואטה אמסטרדם | David Guetta | דיוויד גואטה כרטיסים

David Geta / DJ David Guetta, a French artist of Jewish descent and talented, goes on a tour.
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From a young age he showed an interest in music, and at the age of 13 he began to record unprofessionally in his home.
Four years later, David Guetta began recording at the Broad Club in Paris. At first he played mostly popular songs,
Pretty soon the success came, tickets for David Guetta's shows in Paris and all the destinations were a hit.
But very quickly he discovered the musical genre ‘House’ and started playing at parties. Geta got whole evenings where he was a DJ,
And in 1990 released a single called Nation Rap. He also continued to perform at renowned clubs such as Folies Pigalle, Le Queen, Palace and Les Bains.
Most of the publicity was with tickets to David Guetta Titanium shows.
In 1994, Ghetto released his second single "Up & Away".
Collaboration with American singer Robert Evans.
The song was only a marginal success in clubs and did not burst into the consciousness of the general public.
And later that year, David Guetta was appointed manager of the Le Palace nightclub.

Albums Tickets for performances abroad

From the beginning of the 90's he started to create original music,
And in the mid-90s she will already be recording at parties in Ibiza in 2003 with the release of the album "Just a Little More Love".
In association with Joakim Garrow and the disc sold a quarter of a million copies.
That same year he released the album "Fuck Me I'm Famous" and came out with a cover version of David Bowie's song "Just for one day".
With this remix alone it sold one million copies of France alone and went on to all the playlists on major European radio stations.
At the same time, Geta launched his popular party line "Fuck Me I'm Famous",
And a year later he released his new album "Guetta Blaster".
The song "Love Don't Let Me Go" from the album was played at Paris Fashion Week by John Galliano, and the bands Deep Dish and Black Strobe created remixes from it.
Ghetto was also in charge of the after-party of the Formula 1 race in Monte Carlo, which was attended by Michael Schumacher and Jacques Villeneuve.

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