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September, 2022

202230Sept.19:00אלטון ג'ון ארלינגטוןCome see one of the most successful singers from the 1980s in a final show of a lifetime. Book tickets for an Elton John show and reserve your place19:00
* Event dates and times may vary, it is your responsibility to keep track of updates as the event is produced
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Elton JohnSir Elton Hercules John is a British singer-songwriter, composer and pianist, one of the most successful singers of the 20th century. His albums have sold over a quarter of a billion copies over the years, making him one of the five best-selling musicians of all time.


(שישי) 19:00
* Event dates and times may vary, it is your responsibility to keep track of updates as the event is produced
(GMT + 03: 00) Show in my time


Globe Life Field

734 Stadium Dr, Arlington, TX 76011, ארצות הברית

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Globe Life Field734 Stadium Dr, Arlington, TX 76011, ארצות הבריתמגרש כדור-בסיס בארלינגטון, טקסס

Health guidelines for this event

Masks are required
Temperature is checked at the entrance
Physical distance maintained
The event area is disinfected

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Tickets for Elton John's show ארלינגטון | Elton John | אלטון ג'ון כרטיסים

Reginald Kenneth Dwight - known to us as Kesser Elton John, The Man and the Legend - British pianist, creator, singer and composer.
Elton John Familiar to us from the soundtrack of the most famous Disney animation in the world - "The Lion King",
The hits of Sir Elton John , From the 70s we all remember and know well.
Concert Tickets Sir Elton John Available now Batikair.
You can purchase tickets for shows only or vacation packages that include tickets for a show of Sir Elton John At your favorite destination.
Ask a representative Ticker About vacation packages that are especially tailored to you.
Tour, כרטיסים להופעה של אלטון ג'ון ארלינגטון ובכל היעדים now Batikair.
It does not matter Elton John in Israel or Elton John in London or even Elton John in Europe, Tickair markets tickets in all destinations.
It is already possible to purchase tickets for performances in Europe and vacation packages with performances abroad.

Elton John Overseas Performances

sir Elton Hercules John (in English: Elton Hercules John; נולד ב־25 במרץ 1947 בשם Reginald Kenneth Dwight) הוא זמר־יוצר, מלחין ופסנתרן בריטי,
אחד הזמרים המצליחים ביותר במאה ה־20. אלבומיו נמכרו לאורך השנים ביותר מרבע מיליארד עותקים,
מה שמעמיד אותו כאחד מחמשת המוזיקאים שיאני המכירות בכל הזמנים.
Tickets for Elton John's shows in Paris and at all destinations began to sell en masse.
הוא מחזיק בהישג הסינגל הנמכר ביותר בכל הזמנים, מאז החלו מצעדי דירוג הסינגלים "Candle in the Wind" (ההישג מצוין בספר השיאים של גינס).
בנוסף, פסקול סרט האנימציה "מלך האריות" שהלחין הוא פסקול סרט האנימציה הנמכר ביותר בכל הזמנים. ג'ון זכה בשישה פרסי גראמי, באוסקר, בגלובוס הזהב ובפרס טוני.
הוא גם מחזיק בתואר אבירות. על פי דירוג בילבורד לשנים 1958–2015, ג'ון הוא אמן הסולו (הגבר) המצליח ביותר בכל הזמנים.

Albums Tickets for concerts

His career spans five decades, and dozens of the songs he has written and performed have topped the charts around the world.
Aside from his commercial success, John is considered one of the most important and influential composers in e-musicpop Androck.
He is considered to have succeeded, to a large extent, in maintaining the central place of the
piano Brock and roll.
Tickets are already on sale for Elton John's performances in Berlin and at all destinations in droves.
Among the key elements in his musical success are: his melodic talent, the lyrics to his songs (Written by most of his writing partner, Bernie Topin),
His passionate singing in the voice of e
tenor His rich and his playing the piano Influenced by eGospel. BHis musical arrangements Prominent use ofThe stringed instrument.
John is also famous for his style of dress and off-stage behavior

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